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Tooth Brushing  

We use NutriVet Toothbrushes.

Furminator De-shedding Services  

De-Shedding is the wonderful process by which we remove the old, loose undercoat from your pet. This treatment includes the Furminator shampoo and deshedding solution and can eliminate up to 90% of your pet's shedding at home. That translates to more time enjoying your dog or cat and less time cleaning up after him or her.

Oat Anti-Itch Bath  

We apply special oat formula shampoo, work into a rich lather, then rinse thoroughly. This shampoo is used on dogs with sensitive skin. It contains a gentle formula and aids in preventing dry/itchy skin.

Natures Choice Aloe Remoisturizing Treatment  

This helps rebuild damaged coats and turn dry, scaly skin into soft supple skin, without leaving the coat greasy, oily or unmanageable. This is a comforting process where coat is saturated with the aloe treatment and pet is wrapped in warm moist towels for maximum benefits then rinsed in a warm water bath.

Flea & Tick Treatment  

Our flea & tick shampoo treatment is a natural alternative to toxic insecticides that can be harsh on your pets skin.  

Montly Topical Flea & Tick Treatment  

This topical monthly treatment kills flea eggs and adults. Since the eggs are killed, fleas will not develop into biting adults and the life cycle is broken.  $15 for 30day treatment.  


De-Matting is the process by which large clumps of tangled fur are separated and removed to provide a tangle-free coat. De-matting can be stressful to your pet. Sadly, discomfort can not always be avoided, depending on the condition of your pet's coat.

We will not shave a dog or cat down to the bare skin if at all possible. This is not appropriate for your pet or the best testimonial of the quality of our services. We want your pet to look and feel their best.

We will make every reasonable effort to inform you of any additional costs pertaining to this service in advance. There may be circumstances in which we may not know what is required until we start working with your pet. We will do what we, in our professional opinion, feel is appropriate for the health and well being of your pet, and you will be charged accordingly. 



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"Princess will not let me groom her so she truly looks like a different dog when she comes back in. She looks, smells and even acts so pleased with herself!
Great job guys!" - Ingrid, Miami Beach Fl.

We love Fuzzy Friend. My dog is named Boo Boo. We used several groom shops before we found Fuzzy Friends. Boo Boo always looks great and smell nice.The truck is very sharp looking and grooming remains EXCELLENT! - Carol, Fort Lauderdale

"At first I was sceptical of the prices as it is a little more than a groom shop.But really the way my dog always comes back from the groom shops and acts weird for days. I thought I should give a mobile groomer a try. Our groomer with Fuzzy Friends is Jason. He is very gentle and caring. I couldnt beleive all the extras they do for the price. Totally worth it!" - Boca Raton Client

"I have three black labs that shed alot. We called Fuzzy Friends and they recommended the Furminator. I love it because shedding is reduced dramatically. Less hair on the floor. I am happy and so is my housekeeper..They always smell so good when they come back from the truck" - Luis G, Wilton Manors Fl

"I love to treat my pet to their spa treatments. My mixed breed  dog is named Princess. Wasnt sure about what cut since she was a mixed breed. I left it up to them to decide. She was SOOOOOOOO cute when she came out..She walked out with her nose in the air..Just like a princess" - Brickell Key Client

"I have two cats that have a problem with hairballs. We keep them groomed in a lion cut to cut down on hairballs and fur everywhere in the house.My problem was finding a mobile groomer who does cats. Fuzzy Friends are professional. My cats freak out when the have to go in a create to the groom shop. So for me and them this is great" - Jack R, Aventura Fl.

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